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21 Jul 2016
By having an extensive career as lighting designer and director of photography he took part in hundreds architectural, music, dance, theatre and movie projects.
Dealt with colours and shadows under the surface and that he was required to capture and highlight pictures of reality or transform them and make exciting sceneries and virtual environments.
After 2 yrs in Central Africa he transferred to London in 2015, together with the first exhibition with the collection Misterio.
He or she is working now on ongoing collection of highly expressive and lyrical artworks combining better technology with traditional techniques,
His artworks are affected from his long expertise in color combination, light dynamics and composition.
Trough the interaction of familiar shapes, textures, colors and materials that surround us, new unknown elements created which do not appear in reality but our universal consciousness can recognise and decode.
While painting using digital tools my artwork often conveys the same complex layered effects possible with brushes and knives on multi-textured paintings.
Experimenting with the most up-to-date fine-art print techniques and also the various new materials he could be seeking the constant evolution on this emerging talent.
Visit to find the new collections:

fine art
Nostalgia - Rephrasing Florence King, Nostalgia collection is an ephemeral composition of disjointed factors that sparks memories. A collage hunt to collect, cut and paste rough peeled surfaces, colored flakes, scratches, etchings, information on aged textures and torn papers.
Chevaux -With a variety of power, grace, speed and strength, horse stands apart as an alliance between dream and reality carrying all sorts of roles and symbolism since prehistoric art period.
In Chevaux collection superimposed layers of elements exceeds known space limits because the ride violate boundaries, psychic or metaphysical.
Nudes - Between light and shadow, nude forms and discarded materials, perplexed by having a unique path without return. The renaissance of each and every demands the information on both.     
Icarus - Between earth and sky, primitive rough materials combined with imagination of restless minds specialized in the eternal dream of Icarus. Through many failures this mix generated first human flights.

Bespoke artworks
If you like this system so you need something specific, you are able to discuss for the development of bespoke pieces.
Bespoke Artwork might be based on specific ideas, themes, elements, symbols, photos, drawings, landmarks etc. Colours palette may be create to check specific wall paints, materials, fabrics, furniture etc. Production can follow precise dimensions to fit your surfaces and framing choices.
If you are Architect, Professional interior designer, hospitality manager give details of a project, concept guidelines and time-frames and obtain immediately some proposals.
Should you be looking specific art for your home, office, restaurant, bar, hotel just describe your inspiration idea with some photos of one's space and you'll reunite some concepts.
For almost any request please send an email at


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